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Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield (203) 242-8259
Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield (203) 242-8259
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Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield (203) 242-8259

Addiction is a progressive medical disease where a person has a compulsion to use substances, such as drugs or alcohol, and has no control over the amount or frequency of use. Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield CT offers help for different types of addiction: alcohol, street drugs and prescription drugs.

Since each person’s addiction is unique, personalized treatment plans for each are developed at our center. The type of substance a person is addicted to also determine their needed rehabilitation plan. Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield has a full staff of addiction specialists who play a part in the evaluations and creation of treatment plans for each patient.

We take recovery and the complexity of addiction very seriously. It is our mission to provide a stable foundation for long-term recovery. Call Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield CT today at (203) 242-8259 and let our caring substance abuse counselors be by your side during recovery.

Most can’t stop on their own, willpower isn’t enough when the disease had grabbed hold of you and the way your brain works has been rewired to rely on substances of abuse. The desire to stop substance abuse may be there, but there are physical and mental changes made to the brain and body when someone abuses substances. Drug rehab is a treatment center, using various therapies and counseling, to help an individual who has an addiction problem.

Medical detox is the first step in a comprehensive treatment plan. Once the body is dependent on substances, to abruptly stop is a dangerous and possibly life-threatening situation. Our medically supervised detox eliminates any drugs or alcohol from the system, using prescription medications, so a detox is painless and safe.

People who have a substance abuse problem and mental health disorders have a dual diagnosis. Whether substance abuse was caused by seeking relief from mental illness symptoms or mental illness is an outgrowth of substance abuse, we understand the need to treat all conditions. A total approach to all disorders is needed for successful recovery and sustained sobriety.

Addiction relapse prevention services are an important component of treatment to help individuals make the transition from residential treatment into everyday living smoothly and effectively. People need support during this critical time to maintain newly found sobriety and have help at the ready, in case a relapse threatens.

Addiction is both mental and physical. When a person abuses drugs or alcohol, the brain’s chemistry and structure are altered over time. Most substances increase neurotransmitters in the brain, such as dopamine, resulting in euphoric or relaxing effects. Normal functioning slows down as abused substances dominate the brain. The brain retains a memory of this and sends out cravings when it needs the chemicals it is dependent on. Physical withdrawal symptoms will result if the brain is denied the substances. Symptoms will depend on the drugs of choice.

The struggles of addiction are complicated by denial. Most substance abusers refuse to acknowledge they have a problem and refuse treatment. An intervention, where loved ones meet with the abuser to explain how abuse has negatively everyone’s lives, and offer treatment, is an effective way to help. An explanation of a medical detox, alleviating the fears of pain of suffering that need not be experienced, can go a long way in making abusers enter treatment and enjoy sobriety in a safe and comfortable setting.

If you or someone you love is in need of addiction treatment services we can provide you with intervention assistance and substance abuse recovery information. Call Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield CT today at (203) 242-8259.

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The David Ogden House, and Fairfield Railroad Stations, the John Osborne House, and Pine Creek Park Bridge, as well as the Southport Historic District. Fairfield University located in the center of town educates 5000 students and employs 500 administrators. The cultural activities, employment opportunities, and family friendly aspects of the town make it a great place to lead a relaxing lifestyle or visit for vacation.

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Drug Rehab Centers Fairfield (203) 242-8259

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